Clinical Placement

MCQW continues to offer the electronic clinical placement program for schools of nursing with the funding from the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning. This electronic version of placements is necessary for the coordination and placement of our state’s students in the limited placements that are available. Currently this system helps manage 3628 placements for Practical Nursing, Associated degree nursing, Bachelor degree nursing, paramedics and EMTs, and soon placements for our Doctorate in Nursing Practice programs statewide will have placements maintained in this system. PlacementPro provides details on each placement and also has the capability as a repository for student and faculty information that clinical sites need for their regulatory requirements therefore decreasing the need for duplication of information for each facility. Each semester, placements are updated with new requests, new dates for standing placements and adjustments to placement opportunities and school needs. This tool has helped provide schools real time information about placement opportunities whether seeking new ones or renewing historical ones.Placement Pro TCPS
Nursing Education in Mississippi