I Teach Nursing of MississippiExternship Overview

MHA Organization for Mississippi Center for Quality & Workforce and the MS Council of Deans  & Directors of Schools of Nursing jointly sponsor the Summer Student Nurse Externship Program (Externship Program). The Externship Program is designed to:

  • Provide students in nursing with an opportunity to enhance previously learned skills under the supervision of experienced registered nurses in the healthcare setting.
  • Assist students of nursing to experience acceptance in a work situation appropriate to their potential as future registered nurses.
  • Prepare students to assume responsibilities of full-time employees with respect to performance requirements, policies, and procedures of a health care agency.
  • Encourage retention of nursing graduates through provision of supplemental practice experience within the workplace.

Program Description

The program is offered to students after successful completion of year one in nursing school. It lasts for 8 weeks or 320 hours. Students can earn college credit through the program. The students are taught by registered nurses. Through the program, the students get the opportunity to gain hands on experience. In addition, a paycheck is earned while completing the program.

How to apply

The externship program is offered cooperatively between local hospitals and area schools of nursing throughout the state.

Download and Complete Documents here:

Or go to http://iteachnursingms.org/externship/

The documents are also available there.

For the approved listing of hospitals and schools of nursing:

Evaluation Survey Link: Mississippi Summer Nurse Externship 2017